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Bonnie S. US Xpress, Inc
Continued growth within the transportation industry demands that US Xpress, Inc. constantly recruits new Class A CDL drivers to maintain our operations. US Xpress, Inc. is proud to rely on schools, such as Fortis Institute, to assist with our growing demand for skilled Class A drivers.
We value our partnership with Fortis Institute and will continue to collaborate with them in all recruitment activities.
US Xpress will continue to partner with Fortis as a source for new Class A CDL drivers.

Santo L., DMD and Associates, Pittston, PA:
"Our office accepts FORTIS dental assisting students for student rotation at both of our office locations. On occasion, patients are seen in both offices – unfortunately our offices are not linked by computer therefore we fax treatment notes and have the patient complete a new medical history when they arrive at the second location. Our second location was exceptionally busy so when the patient arrived the treatment notes were sent to the clinical area but no medical history. (Marissa) came out to the desk and asked for the medical history. Our new receptionist told her that she did not need a medical history and just seat the patient! Your student/our new hire said “NO”. She refused to see the patient until the medical history was completed and reviewed.
I serve on the Fortis Program Advisory Committee for the Expanded Function Dental Assistant program in Scranton, PA. and I am very proud of her response. She was very well trained and I admire her for doing the right thing."

Debbie J., Senior Helpers of NEO, OH:
We hired Melissa, one of your graduates from your LPN program.  I just wanted to thank you for referring her to apply here.  She is a wonderful caregiver, very knowledgeable and is willing to pick up shifts on a moment's notice.  I would love to have another half a dozen just like her.  Thank you again!

Elizabeth C, Allergy Consultants, P.A., Verona, NJ:
I am pleased to have the opportunity to thank you for the FORTIS team you have in Wayne, New Jersey.  I have been the Practice Manager of Allergy Consultants, P.A. since July 7, 2007.  At that time, I hired three graduates and my experiences with FORTIS have only been uphill from then on.
I have dealt with the local Externship Coordinator especially over all of these years and FORTIS has gone above and beyond to get your medical assistants and medical office administrators more than ready for the workforce.  Your staff has an especially keen sense of what employers ‘worth their salt’ need.
I have always made it a practice to have FORTIS interns come to Allergy Consultants, P.A. when the students finish their schooling, as often as I could accommodate them.  I want the students to have the best experience possible and your educators know that we always aim to give them just that.  I will tell you that kindness is just smart business these days and the Wayne campus makes it a priority that their graduates are considerate and compassionate in the workplace.  Yes, one is either considerate or they are not, but I doubt it is by chance that every FORTIS graduate that works for me is especially empathetic and kind.  Your Externship Coordinators gives 150% to the students and they are savvy businesspersons, preparing the graduates for both clinical and administrative skills.
FORTIS Institute has a very good reputation here in our area to begin with and many smart men and women will come to your facility seeking a new career, seeking a new start.  FORTIS Institute simply attracts successful and hardworking people. We currently have eight FORTIS graduates working for us at Allergy Consultants, P.A. and I simply had to reach out to recognize your staff.
A very bright young woman is our most recent hire.  She started with us in April immediately following her externship.  When I saw - again - how thoroughly trained and ready for the workforce another one of FORTIS’ graduates were, I had to reach out to corporate.  I have found your students to be confident, unflappable and dedicated to dealing with patients and staff in the healthcare industry -- with integrity and honor.
Please keep up the great work and please make special note of people in your organization whose graduates make a huge difference in the lives of our patients each and every day.

Bill G., Airtron, Indianapolis, IN:
Over the past year, Airtron has had the pleasure of partnering with FORTIS College to fill staffing needs for our growing company. The students we have seen and whom we have hired have had proper instruction along with a strong desire to succeed in the HVAC industry. When in need to add staffing for service technicians and installers, Airtron visits FORTIS to speak with graduating students regularly. It is a benefit to our company that these students are trained to EPA standards upon graduation and have a good foundation as well as an understanding of the business to start a career in the HVAC industry. Airtron values the steps that FORTIS takes to help students grow personally and professionally to achieve their goals.

Richard W., Ridg-U-Rak, North East, PA:
The only career college that we have hired welding students from is FORTIS Institute. Our hiring experiences have been excellent. The majority of students come to us with a solid welding background and are able to successfully pass our welding test.

Peggy S., St. Charles Parish Hospital, Luling, LA:
The students that I have hired from FORTIS College's Radiologic Technology program have all been trained and prepared for the work force.  These students have been subjected to many areas of work force experience prior to completing their training and education program.  All of the students have been very professional, well-educated and skilled.

Rhonda D., Pinnacle Pointe, Washington Township, OH:
FORTIS has been very helpful over the years. When we needed staff, they provided us with quality applicants.

Teri W., Hair Cuttery, Orlando, FL:
We hired recent grads from Fortis and even had some that have gotten promoted to leadership. All in all the grads we hired have been really good.

Brenda Y., Gannondale Residential Center, Erie, PA:
FORTIS Students and graduates are very prepared for the work force.

Pam K., Arthritis Consultants, P.A., Columbia, SC: 
I hired a FORTIS College graduate and she is a high quality employee.

Linda C., Pavilion Pediatrics, Lutherville, MD:
My experiences have been very positive and our office has employed five students over the last 10 years. These students/employees are with us today as they continue to be a very important part of our practice in caring for our patients. One of the students, hired 10 years ago, grew in her job to become our clinical supervisor. She still boasts about being hired right out of school and how FORTIS did a great job in preparing her for her medical career.
FORTIS takes time to know the practice and what is needed. They then look at their students to find those who may fit in my environment. They listen to me in candidate requirements and do a great job in screening students. They also listen to the students to find their desired position. Matching students with the right practice makes all the difference in the world.

Michael B., Atrium Staffing, Iselin, NJ:
I have had a great experience with FORTIS. All students are presented in a timely manner and well qualified. The FORTIS program also understands the scientific industry immensely, which makes recruiting from the program effortless. I have had much success with them throughout the years and they continue to present me with qualified candidates year round.

Ryan Rupp, Group Facility Administrator, DaVita, Zanesville, OH:
FORTIS provides the highest quality of externs, who have an element of professionalism that is unmatched.  The students not only understand book knowledge, but seem to have an appreciation for what behaviors and characteristics employers are looking for in potential candidates.

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